Monday, July 6, 2015

#slowAandPchat starting this Saturday

Well, somebody's gotta do it.  I decided to jump in and start #slowAandPchat.  First topic/question will be posted this Saturday 7/11/15.  To start with, format will be one topic/question per week using the #slowAandPchat hashtag (may be shortened, will have to discuss). At the end of the week I will comb through all responses and compile them into a blog post (here). I think the slowchat format used by David Theriault (#slowchatED) and Michael Fenton (#slowmathchat) will be most suitable, especially given the time and schedule limitations we all face. I find traditional Twitter chats, although rich with information, too fast-paced and I do not like the inherent time constraints.

 I am excited to hear others thoughts, concerns, problems, questions and solutions regarding teaching A&P. Hopefully we will drum-up enough interest, learn from each other and take turns moderating and curating.  Or this could fall flat on its face due to lack of interest or lack of awareness about the chat. No risk, no reward, right?


  1. Hey Bake!
    I really admire this, and thanks for answering the question, what the heck is a slowchat! Good description, and rationale!

    1. Thanks V! It's working-out pretty well so far. We have participants from Texas, Illinois, Colorado, New York and Michigan (to name a few) starting to share ideas and practices. I hope this chat continues and expands throughout the year.