Friday, July 10, 2015

Launch of #slowAandPchat!

Thank you for joining the first #slowAandPchat!

All of us are busy with school, teaching, grad classes, family, part-time jobs and the daily craziness of life.  While there are many traditional education-based Twitter chats out there, I believe that the "slow" format allows more time to read posts, process information, respond to the weekly topic, ask more follow up or clarifying questions and exchange ideas.

I have several goals for this chat.  I hope to add more or modify these with your input as we progress and develop as a group:
  • further develop PLNs of peers and experts who teach/instruct anatomy and physiology at the secondary or higher education levels
  • share classroom successes with each other
  • share failures and gain insight and assistance from this group
  • exchange information, ideas and best practices
I will post one question or topic per week (shooting for every Saturday) and we will have the entire week to mull over, discuss, ask questions and exchange ideas.  The initial post will be using the #slowAandPchat hashtag in the traditional Q1 format (in the event we have a need for a possible Q2 or Q3).  Please tweet responses/replies/questions in the A1 (or A2 A3) format along with the #slowAandPchat hashtag (for easy searching).

At the end of the week I will summarize/compile all tweets into this blog for ease of reading and future reference.

I have made a list of possible topics for upcoming chats (in no particular order).  I hemmed and hawed as to whether or not publish this list or surprise you every week.  I chose the former:
  1. what would make Ss sign-up for your class? what sets your class apart from other A&P classes?
  2. class format: dissections done start to finish and didactic separately? integrated? how to synchronize lecture with dissections? is it possible?
  3. what are your end goals for your students?
  4. how do measure student success?
  5. stand-out labs or activities
  6. higher ed/medical schools: what do you need from us secondary folks?
  7. how do you address inadequate pre-existing knowledge?
  8. flippers: does it work? how does it work? any problems?
  9. what kinds of technology have you integrated into your teaching?
  10. how do you evaluate students (formative and summative)
  11. what does your course boil-down to? what are the essentials?
  12. what dissections (types of specimens) do you do and why?
  13. should we shorten the hashtag from #slowAandPchat to something else?
I have created a Google Form to collect your basic contact information.  I would like to share the resulting Google Sheet with participants in this group to use as a resource for out-of-Twitter contact (email, website URL, etc).  The form is quick to fill-out, optional and can be found here.

My own interests/profile can here found here, our classroom website here, and our dissection lab notebook/blog/work in progress may be found here.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that this is OUR chat, not mine.  We all have good ideas, practices and activities to offer.  Although I think I am a pretty good instructor, I could be a lot better with your help and suggestions. 

I hope you enjoy this chat and get a lot out of it!


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