Saturday, July 25, 2015

Head is Swimming with Ideas

Well I guess I got what I asked for; with a hugely expanded Twitter PLN came a flood of ideas I would like to create and/or implement:

  1. Determine if all my students:
    • have access to a smartphone during school hours
    • have reliable internet access outside of school
    • have access to a smart device outside of school
  2. Ask all students to:
    • have a Google account (to make group collaboration seamless)
    • sign-up for my Remind SMS texts
    • download a QR code scanner/reader
  3. Use smartphones more in the classroom for:
    • taking picts and videos of dissections
    • tagging dissection picts and vids with common Twitter hashtag (#cbkinese?)
  4. Use QR codes for commonly accessed URLs:
    • our classroom website
    • our dissection Google Site
    • this blog
    • my Twitter page
  5. Start to flip "lectures" to free-up class time for case studies
  6. incorporate mini "case studies" as class openers (higher level thinking):
    • students walk in, get into groups right away
    • case study situation is posted on wall (chest pain or respiratory distress or pallor, etc...)
    • groups use preexisting knowledge to brainstorm potential causes
    • next day, groups investigate each of causes of the case and determines root cause, signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment

Now I just need summer to be extended by a month or two to get this done.

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