Saturday, July 4, 2015

Why tech, why now?

I took a Chromebook101 class this past Spring through pdcampus with instructor Tom McGee.  The class sounded interesting, it awarded 3 graduate credits and threw in a Chromebook as part of the tuition.  What is there not to like?  The result: I am totally sold on Chrome, Google Drive and Google apps, extensions and add-ons.  The ability to operate across platforms and ability to collaborate makes Google a no-brainer.  While doing work for my class, I came across a blog by Google Drive and Google Classroom Guru Alice Keeler.  I found her blog and her Twitter posts to rich in content, concise and (most importantly) useful.

Although I could not attend ISTE 2015, I participated in the last #coffeeEDU meet-up of the week hosted by Alice (we were fed by Versal and Remind) at the 1500 Market Starbucks at 6am:

I met so many interesting people that were highly knowledgeable and helpful, that my Twitter PLN grew exponentially:
The early risers

360 camera

Well, I've spent the last few days sifting through #ISTE15 and #ISTE2015 tweets, mining information and ideas to improve my teaching.  A common thread was teacher blogging and student blogging, both for reflective writing and publishing content.  So here we go.  Welcome to my blog.

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