Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Building my PLN

For the past few weeks I have been following folks that I met at ISTE15 on Twitter, joining-in on conversations and adding more and more interesting people to my Personal Learning Network (PLN).

Although the speed of traditional twitter chats is much to fast for me to process (reaching ~2000 tweets/hr), I have been using Tweetdeck to sift through chats after the fact.  Some of my favorite chats so far are #edtechchat, #flipclass, #pblchat, #nt2t, #edchat, #GAFEchat, #biochat and (shameless plug) #slowAandPchat:

In trolling through these chats, I have read a lot of thoughtful, provocative and informative tweets.  Subsequently I have followed those authors and am building-up my new PLN.  I am finding that teachers (or educators, facilitators, blah blah blah - I don't spend time squabbling over semantics) are having similar issues across the US (and probably throughout the globe).  EduTweeters are quick to provide alternatives, solutions and support, even at 1 am.  While I enjoy, respect and turn to my face-to-face colleagues in school, it is pretty freaking cool to be able to reach-out for help 24/7 and get help from a virtually unlimited pool of helpful folk.

It's better than cool, it's my new PLN and source for professional development.


  1. Great reflection, cannot wait to see how your PLN adds to your awesomeness in the classroom - JZ

  2. Thanks JZ. Right now my head's swimming with ideas and changes I want to enact. Any chance you could talk to DWills and get a 1 month extension on summer?