Sunday, July 5, 2015

#slowAandPchat anyone?

I've got a few tech ideas I would like to try-out this year that hopefully will boost (my) efficiency, increase collaboration (between students, between students and myself and between teachers) and raise the bar for student published work:

  1. converting all my Windows files and storing them on GDrive (started this summer)
  2. adopt Google Sheets automatic rubrics for class projects (thank you Alice Keeler!)
  3. adopt Google Drive as our standard for collaboratively produced documents
  4. publish student work for public display using a combination of Sites, Slides and Blogger
In addition, I have started blogging, both for outside critique and personal introspection.  I would also like to start a #slowAandPchat, much like the #slowchatED that David Theriault started in response to fast-paced and oft-missed tweets of traditional Twitter chats.  I would like to see how much demand there is from the Anatomy and Physiology community...

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