Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 4 Check-in


Well, we are now four weeks into 20% Time.  There have been a couple of hitches (mainly technical) but overall 20% Time has been a huge success! Here are some roadblocks that we have had to overcome:

  • the inability to create some blogs from within school district network (IP address? firewall?)
  • inability to publish one or two blogs (not sure why?)
  • forgetting sharing permissions with a fellow classmate/co-blogger
  • blogging inexperience; most of my students have never blogged before (and I certainly am no wizard)
Success-wise, many of my students lose track of time every Friday during 1st and 4th periods; they are so engrossed and engaged in their projects. Here are their blog URLs. Please peruse and feel-free to comment; we all could learn something from you.

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