Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Project Suggestions

Based on a discussion with John Zuk, one of our APs, we came-up with some suggestions for our 20% Time students:

  • Reach-out to experts in your fields (using Twitter, Skype, GHO, email). You may be surprised how many will be willing to be interviewed.
  • Document in your blog your sources of information; Digital Research Tools (DiRT) seems to be a rich source for data interpretation. Readers will want to know where you found your information and if it is legit.
  • Why not make a table? For example:

Concept Link
Normal anatomy of human heart CHOP link
cardiomegaly Mayo Clinic link
  • Why not include some of these links in your blog? Readers would probably like to follow along with your thoughts and examine the original materials you used.
  • Use Google Scholar to find peer-reviewed research articles and the MyLibrary feature to save papers you have found.
Keep at the research. Why. Why. Why.

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