Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Class Twitter Account (Building upon Alice Keeler)

This week Alice Keeler blogged about setting-up a class Twitter account.  Rather than having students tweet using their personal accounts, she created a Twitter account and linked-up a scripted Google Sheet into which students input their tweet, handle and hashtag. The teacher can then approve the tweet and send it out. Automatically!  If you don't follow @alicekeeler on Twitter yet, stop what you are doing and do it now.  No, really.  Do. It. Now.  Her tips on using GAFE and Google Classroom are indispensable.

So I made a Google Form (the URL of which I would post in our classroom, or QR code) so that students can enter their tweet and handle from their own devices and then allow the teacher to send-out the tweet via the class account after approval:

blank form

form filled-out

what automatically appears in Response Sheet

drag-down the script (that Alice made)

here's the tweet pending approval

there's the tweet (at the top)

The next step is to allow students to upload pictures and videos from their phones into the form, have that media automatically imported into the response sheet and get the script to include the media in the tweet.  I am looking into formpl.us and will report back...

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